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Is there a way to look up my court case online?

Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Yes. There is a publicly accessible service online where you can look up all types of criminal and traffic cases provided the case has already been filed with the court. If you are merely under investigation with the police or prosecutor and charges have not yet been filed, then there is nothing accessible to the general public. If you recently were cited or arrested and you have not made your first court appearance yet, then its also likely that you will not find anything online either. If you want to check online, go to eCourt Kokua. You can search by case number, name, license plate, or VIN. On eCourt you can look up the minutes of past hearings as well as see if any pleadings were filed in the case. Civil cases such as restraining orders will not be found on eCourt, however. To look for those cases, you need to visit Ho'ohiki.

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