I don't live in Hawai'i but I was arrested there while on Vacation. Do I have to fly back?

Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Sometimes crazy things happen when you are on vacation. Everyday people who aren't residents of Hawaii get arrested here. Some are a simple as excessive speeding, DUI or disorderly conduct. Many people get arrested at the airport for having things like marijuana or brass knuckles they may have purchased here at the swap meet or other items the State has made illegal to possess. If you are charged with an offense in Hawai'i but are not a resident of the state, there are ways to resolve your case without you having to return to the islands. While not every case can be handled in this way, the majority of petty misdemeanor and misdemeanor cases can be. It is highly recommended that you contact an attorney in Hawai'i as soon as possible regarding you case so that the attorney can make sure no bench warrants are issued for your non-appearance in court.


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