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New COVID-19 Order for Oahu (4/25/2020)

Just a quick note to update what is and isn't allowed pursuant to the new Mayor's Order that will go into effect this Saturday, April 25, 2020. The Order itself isn't yet posted on the City & County website but from the press releases it looks like parks like Ala Moana Beach Park will be open for solo activities like running, walking and biking. Other sports activities like basketball and tennis are still prohibited and you cannot picnic or hang out in the park. There is still confusion even among authorities as to jurisdictional issues between the Governor's Orders and the County Orders. Governor Ige's Orders still prohibit activities such as running and walking on the State's beaches. Generally speaking the Governor's Orders apply to the entire shoreline up to the high wash of the wave which is State controlled. The Mayor's Order applies to all the City and County beach parks on Oahu in the areas above the high wash of the wave, but its admittedly confusing. Maui's Mayor Michael Victorino essentially said he won't be enforcing the State prohibition for exercising on the beach because its really unclear what it State regulated and what is locally regulated. In the coming days I suspect the Governor will issue an order clarifying these issues.

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