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It's just a speeding ticket. Why do I need a lawyer?

If you get a speeding ticked in Hawaii and you look down at the "fine" section of the little yellow piece of paper to see how much you owe and it says instead you have to go to court, then its not "just a speeding ticket". Most likely you have been charged with "Excessive Speeding" and possibly some other charges like "Reckless Driving" or "Racing on Highways" have been added too. All of these offenses are VERY serious criminal traffic charges. They all carry the possibility of jail and license suspensions as well. If you get convicted of one of these offenses your ability to drive for the next couple of years will be adversely impacted and it will be severe.

Excessive speeding can happen in one of two ways: (1) If you are travelling in excess of 30mph over the posted speed limit, or (2) you are travelling in excess of 80mph regardless of the speed limit. Reckless Driving or Racing on Highways do not have any specific speed requirements but are often tacked on to Excessive Speeding tickets by overzealous officers. The officers even have the option of arresting you for these offenses rather than issuing you a ticket!! You should definitely consult with an attorney experienced in criminal traffic offenses, even if you were speeding and think you are guilty. There are a few strategies which an experienced lawyer will know that may save your license and save you on your next insurance bill.

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